Installation, Service & Repair Memoirs

6 Stops Schindler 3300

New SMIC board replacement, Testing, unit back to normal

11 stops KONE Monospace

Brake air pad gap adjustment as per Kone standard for quality braking, stopping of elevator and most importantly, the SAFETY of the riding passengers.

11 stops KONE Monospace

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting, Door reversal defect findings. Replaced and unit back to normal operation.

4 Stops Hospital Elevator

Reconditioned, back to normal operation after 2 years shutdown.

6 Stops Schindler Elevator

Software upgraded to 10.07.02. Unit back to normal operation.

11 stops KONE Monospace

Brake Pad/Solenoid replacement for MX10 machine. Adjustment in reference to KONE’s standard and testing. Unit back to normal.

3 Stops FUJILF Elevator

Motor auto-tuning for newly installed unit set ready for normal speed.

11 Stops KONE Monospace Elevator

Faulty Encoder caused overspeeding car. Replaced and unit back to normal.

5 Stops OTIS GEN2 Xizi Elevator

Faulty Drive & Replacement

3 Stops FUJILF Home Lift

Delivery, installation, adjusting, testing & commissioning

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