Buying an elevator equipment should be carefully think of. A three stops elevator equipment for example, can cost an owner of more than a priced SUV or a pick-up truck at front cost. The maintenance and repair cost too is more expensive than that of cars’ or trucks’ for the rest of its Estimated Utility Life (EUL) of usually Fifteen (15) years.

Important matters to consider before buying a lift:

  1. Branded lift is far way better and cost-beneficial than ordinary brands. -Not so. Almost all lift brands are made in China and exported to Europe, Middle East and all throughout Asia already compliant with the safety standards set by BS-EN-81-21:2018 and/or ASME 17.1 . Given that lifts are on operation 24 hours daily, consequently sometimes, the equipment will gonna be worn-out regardless of brand. It always goes that branded lift has way more expensive parts replacement and repair too. Also, be informed that some big lift company strategizes the constant upgrading of models, controller and software versions every 2 or 3 years period, in which case its elevator can be fast obsoleted without even reaching its EUL.
  2. Branded lift has better and responsive services than any other -Not so. The usual set up of a satellite service office of big lift company comprises of couple of service technicians and only one technical expert. For a bigger portfolio regions, most service technician handles more than 30 units under maintenance in a month. That is about more than one unit to service a day. One can expect a terrible quality of service maintenance and that there will be a considerable delayed response on repair request and callbacks. Plus, big companies is more on process oriented. They have internal procedures like approvals in between departments, purchasing and finance which adds up more on the delay of your repair request and part purchase. Some parts, especially none-inventory items like expensive drives, traction ropes/belts and pc boards delivery at best is at three (3) months from the date of down payment and purchase order. And, that is not good for business.
  3. Branded name is remarkable compared to elevator Aesthetics. -Not so. Most of the riding public will noticed first the aesthetics (interior designs) as compared to branded name more than the perception of the owner. Some won’t even care and remember brand names other than to praise the smooth ride and ambience of the elevator interiors. One’s worst experience could be, despite the branded name, if the interior designs are crap. It will be unimpressive especially if ride comfort experience is terrible too due to unsound mechanical installation.
  4. Monopoly of lift & lift services under the slogan of “Trade Secrets” – Avoid buying from a lift company who puts password on lift controller. In the first place, these companies tender to sell their equipment to you but actually withholding some of your rights on the unit-The fact is, it’s not actually total ownership . Exclusivity of services and maintenance defeats the competitive market wherein everyone can compete through best maintenance practice and performance as well as fast response to the owner’s benefit. As an owner, you have the very right of a copy of the wiring diagram for future reference and file, user’s manual and decide whoever you want the unit to maintain at your own advantage.

The conclusion of the matter is, as a future owner, consider the degree of elegance your facility needs, cost to benefit advantage in the long run(long term), responsiveness and availability of after sales services and nearest location of service centers to your facility. Afterall, transportation cost will add up considerably to the service charges and travel time to the man-hours spent on a unit under service.

Should you need the best elevator that fits your budget, business and responsive after sales services, you may contact us below for consultation, sizing, specification and price proposal of your requirements.

Office & Service Satellites

We have the best elevator deal for your economy, safety and elegance to your business hand’s reach.


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Mintal, Davao City 8000 Philippines

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